I am – Poster

Use all the knowledge acquired during the previous assignments and sessions.

The poster has to speak of yourself, but through a text that represents you: can be a text from your favourite author, (the lyrics of) a song from an artist you like, a dialog from a movie or theatre play. You may choose to use a part but it needs to have at least three sentences.

Explore hierarchy using the content and use the structure of a grid relating the elements.

You can choose to write it in a language other than English, but in that case, you have to provide a translation, can be a small text somewhere in your composition.

With the poster you will hand-in a text explaining why you chose that text, who is/are the author/s and date if you have it. Explain as well

  1. what you meant to represent with your design,
  2. what typography you have chosen and
  3. reasons for the choices of type you have made
  4. font designer and date


  • Poster Format A4 PDF + Text explaining your choices
  • Include in the composition the author/s of the text or references
  • Use only typography. Be wise in your choice of font, avoid decorative or script fonts if possible
  • Use what you have learnt from type mixing
  • You may use colour

I’m pretty happy with how this poster turned out. I could have arranged the text better, given more room around the sides perhaps.


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